miércoles, septiembre 10, 2014

Peruvian political gastronomy

When a peruvian youngster says he took a “papaya test” he means the exam was easy. And when anybody says “Que palta!” (what an avocado!) he means “What embarrasing and shameful situation!”. That is how everyday life in Peru is so linked to its fruits, dishes and gastronomic menu.

So it happens when talking about politics and running for office candidates. There is such a conglomerate of  parties looking as “rice with mango”  (an impossible combination anywhere) presenting  their unfinishing “sancochado proposals” (suspiciously attractive and under the table approaches). Notwithstanding, one way or another the two latest elections have been strongly determined by our young voters without influence of the driven press and propaganda everywhere. Not even from Trome www.trome.pe , the world’s only newspaper with the highest circulation number which somehow also had its known preferences.

An when it comes to resourceful country income, it is good to know that the swiss are very interested in increasing volume of our agroindustrial products for export (like bananas, avocados and asparagus among others ) because of its high demand and rotation.  Trading numbers between Peru and Swiss added to US$3M during 2013. Same positive situation for our russian edible exports reaching US$80M by the end of this year.

To finnish this column, let’s make known that two important related institutions -APEGA and SlowFood- one local / one international signed and agreement and are holding an International Gastronomic Fair Mistura 2014 7th Version in Lima Peru for a responsible, sustainable and committed latinoamerican gastronomic industry. Bon Appetit!.